Words of Faith

Today is the day to fully surrender to God’s will. We must be filled with his Holy Spirit and look to his biblical plans and divine purposes in order to truly understand and be fulfilled. God is just, he does not contradict, he fully loves, and in him is where one’s true identity lies. The abused soul often grapples with their abusive past while attempting to own their calling and righteousness in Christ. This struggle, though difficult and downright unnerving at times, will be your greatest victory when driven by God’s power and overcome in his strength. The honesty and humility it takes to admit that you cannot survive alone builds from the truth you stand upon to live your life for Jesus Christ. Submit in obedience to your Maker and wholeheartedly love yourself because God has so graciously chosen you. Humbly live your life and use your past as your testimony to help others for God’s glory. Relinquish what was not intended to be controlled and confidently walk in faith. 

Anna M. Jones