Seek God With Patience

In today’s world where things move fast, where people strive toward success, we can often lose sight of what is truly important. We distort the fundamental truths of why we are here on this earth. And we become impatient, anxious, and self-absorbed on what we want instead of what we truly need and have been called to achieve. The world was created to be a beautiful place yet evil’s dysfunctions are rampant and the abused being can be easily swayed by its lies. Do not place your identity on what has happened to you or even on what you can gain despite it; establish it upon who God created you to be. You are loved, you are worthy, and you have been gifted for specific divine purposes. God hasbeen so gracious and patient with you so be kind to yourself. Ask him what his will is for your life and truly allow yourself to hear from him. Read his Word, seek his truths, wholeheartedly believe, and faithfully wait.

Anna M. Jones