Persevere Despite Everything

As imperfect beings we will fail. Sometimes our mistakes will be huge and negatively impact our families, yet most often they will be small and many. When you mess up, admit your wrongs sincerely and wholeheartedly continue on. Beating yourself up will not get you anywhere. However, conviction, remorse, and positive transformation will. Character is built upon humility and one’s humanity, not perfection. Those who have been abused understand this at their core yet have difficulty living it out because those they loved most were often cruel and unsafe, which imposed faulty perceptions and severe expectations. You did not deserve the abuse, yet the abuse has profoundly affected you. This life is not fair and it is truly heartbreaking that you suffered. Yet today, you are accountable for your decisions despite the past and always, God’s grace and love abundantly awaits. Do not give up! Persevere towards victory because you have a powerful testimony and mission to complete in Jesus’ name.

Anna M. Jones