Childhood Abuse and Using Our Voices

As most of us know, child molesters scare us quiet. So that I would remain silent about my own sexual, physical, and emotional abuse, I was told things like, “I will kill your brothers and sisters if you talk.” “I will kill your mother if you talk.” “I will kill you if you talk.” Of course, as a child, I never told anyone about the sins being wielded against my young human form.

But I am an adult now and God gave us a voice for a reason: to speak the truth. So I ask those of you this week that if you are scared to share your own story of abuse, be scared no more. You are in good and safe company. No matter your age, tell a friend, a pastor, a counselor. Go on one of the many private Facebook groups and tell your story. Child molesters have no right to extinguish our voices. It is we, adult survivors of childhood abuse, who have the absolute God-given right to extinguish their evil voices from our lives.

I wish you God’s peace.

Sherri L. Board