Finding Purpose While Moving Through the Pain

At times, life can be overwhelming and when you go through hardships it can feel as if you are being punished in some way or even worse: that you are somehow undeserving of good. This is untrue, yet it may feel like it is. Life is not easy and often unfair, there are consequences for behaviors, all of us are affected by other people’s choices, bad things happen to decent people and good things happen to those who don’t appreciate what they’ve been given. Yet, this does not mean either is deserving. Good and bad things happen and no one is immune to this fact.

Human suffering is inevitable, heartbreaking, yet can be a useful teacher if one’s perspective is willing and even flexible. Grieving is a part of life and feeling stuck in the pain with no hope of moving forward happens, yet it does not have to always be that way. In our humanity, our flawed nature, we can feel broken and the lack of control we have over certain circumstances and ourselves at times can be downright scary. However, you can move through this discomfort and end up in a more content and purposed-driven place if you simply have hope. Hope in who you are and the belief that you have purpose.

When bad things happen it can be difficult to have a hopeful perspective and that is okay. We often need to experience the doubt, the heartache, the helplessness, to grieve and blossom into awareness. Importantly, when something painful happens and then your whole perspective negatively shifts, addressing what’s happened is crucial. As time passes, and as you move through your pain, you will realize that your will is strong, and that you have more strength than you thought.

Do not give up. Find purpose while moving through your pain even when it feels purposeless. Use what you’ve been through to help yourself and maybe others one day. Do not let your pain be in vain. We often gain wisdom after weathering the most difficult of storms. Choose to grow, choose to fight for you, and commit to yourself to live your life with purpose while moving through the pain.

Anna M. Jones